Fundraising Scratch Cards

If you want an easy and free way to fundraise for your football team then Fundraising Scratch Cards is a perfect app to install on your phone or tablet. The app replaces the traditional football team scratchcard format with a virtual card, removing waste and saving paper.

Simply use the free Fundraising Scratch Cards app on your phone in the same way as a traditional scratchcard, sell teams to 20 people for a price you set and then once the card is full you scratch off a virtual panel to reveal the winner.

Football Fundraising Scratch Cards

Fundraising scratchcards can help raise funds to cover the running costs of your football team. Each scratchcard has 20 football teams, sell each team for £2 and then return £20 to the winner, raising £20 for your teams funds. If you have a larger crowd you can sell multiple cards to raise additional funds. The scratchcard app is especially useful when run at a larger fundraising event such as a fundraising bingo night or race night.

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